Contest Update

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't forget to email me directly (whitecollarbjj _at_ with the subject "Grappling Drills Contest" if you posted a comment during the last week, if you don't I can't add you to the contestant list. (Steve? Tom in DE? KingIndian? No emails?)

Currently we've got Five people! That means each person has a 20% chance of opening their email Saturday morning and seeing a message from me saying they've won the brand new sealed in the box Grappling Drills DVD.

Good Luck, remember you only have until Midnight Friday March 14th to post your comment and send me an email about it.

Get to it!


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Tom in DE said...

Funny, I sent you an email Monday the 10th. I just tried again.

Steve said...

As I said in my *ahem* email, I suck at following directions, which is in large part why I want... no NEED that drills DVD! :)