The Desert of the Real?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wow, this is truly a first for me.

Tonight I was walking into the class and I'll admit there was this guy giving me what I thought at the time was "the stink eye". First off I'm thinking.. hmm, do I know this guy? Did I injure him in a roll (not likely, he was 30+ lbs heavier than me) Is he just one of those people that doesn't like you for one reason or another? Who knows.

At least he didn't open with this gem.

Well then it got weird. He walked right up and said. "Hey, you write that blog right.. WhitecollarBJJ?"

I damn near fell over.

A READER! Hot Damn! This is amazing.

So we started talking, turns out he's a damn cool guy (which makes sense since he is a WhiteCollarBJJ reader!) he was impressed with the blog and we discussed the Week Of Leg Locks coming up.

So here it is, lesson for us all, the real world and the "digital" world do collide, and it's always nice when they do and bring solid stand-up people together.

Anyway, working up that Leg Lock material, keep posted, until then go train!


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. maybe he was sent by your old instructor...

Sent to monitor your progress and see you train more than the keyboard.

Keep up the good work bud.

Liam Wandi said...

Hey mate really cool blog. I found it thru notesfromtheringside.