Challenges + Effort = Growth

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today's math lesson is very simple.

Challenges + Effort = Growth

Shells grow.. yes, not my best illustration

Or, as I like to say to my wife and daughter (yes, just because she is barely two doesn't save her from her Father's soap box speeches!), "It is only through challenges and obstacles that we find real growth and advancement."

Think about it? When was the last time you were truly challenged? Whether on the Mats, in the work place, or even balancing the budget.

Children are a great teacher of this lesson and my daughter is no exception, a few weeks back we took her to a water park for little kids. She was immediately drawn to this swirling vortex of water park entertainment, the crazy slide!

She loved it, but each time she climbed up the steps she would slip and bang something.. either her head, her arm, her knee.. you get the picture. So at first I tried to be the good Dad and help her climb up..However, I quickly noticed something that made me immensely proud. She engineered her own little method to get up that slide without banging anything, she would find a rail, plant her feet, and take it one step at a time, pulling on the rail whenever necessary to maintain her balance. She learned something that morning, and so did I.. my little equation just might be correct after all, only when challenged do we truly grow.

So, how do I translate this to BJJ? Simple, it's time to put a little challenge back in your game. It doesn't have to be competitive, your challenge could simply be to only work submissions from a certain position, or to start from your weakest position. Alternatively, you could talk to the "better, faster, stronger" set and get a few rolls in with someone who "challenges" you.

Take these lessons in moderation though, as challenging yourself can easily tax the body, mind, and spirit well beyond what they are accustomed to.

However, given a touch of challenge, I think you'll appreciate the growth.

Ahh life lessons from a two year old, ok.. almost two year old.


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