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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yes, the constant struggle to improve your grappling game.

If you are anything like me it comes in spurts. There are weeks when you are on top of the world, and weeks when everyone has an answer to your offensive game plan.

During one of those "down weeks" I was doing a bit of Internet searching and found "The Grappler's Guide". As quoted on their website "Dedicated 100% to the improvement of your grappling performance"..

Hmm, tempting, but truth be told it looked to me to be yet another forum full of submission grapplers, except this one wanted $47 to get access to the "premium content".

$47 for a forum? Not sure I'm ready to commit my dollars, so I created a free account and started perusing the free materials. Not bad, looked like they had a pretty decent group of members, most importantly they seemed to have a nice contingent of black belt BJJ practitioners that posted quality responses to questions.

But was it really work $47 a year? I still wasn't sure, but I decided the $47 wasn't much different than the price of most BJJ instructionals so I made the jump and went "premium". In the end I got my money back out of the site within 30 days of signing up!

You see, The Grappler's Guide has very nice contests each month.

It just so happened that they were running a contest during my first month of membership for some MMA Gloves and shorts from Scientific Street Fighting, total value of the prizes was well above the $47 I paid for membership.

Guess what...

Hahah, yep, I won. So right there the membership paid for itself.

However that wasn't the end of the value I've received, frankly far from it.

I've come to treat the guide much like a group of valuable game coaches. If I get stuck on something, am looking for an option from a given position, or would just like commentary on my most recent sparring session, I go straight to the guide and make a post.

Chances are I'll get responses from 1-2 black belt instructors within 24hrs! Now that's some seriously valuable content, where else are you going to get multiple experienced coaches and teachers looking at your problems and providing solid recommendations?

Seriously, if you find somewhere else let me know.

In the mean time you can find old Hazmat posting away on The Grappler's Guide.

So, go ahead, sign up for a free account and make a post or two, I think you'll see the value.

"The doctors will see you now."

Whoops, got to go, time for my BJJ game checkup.

Until next time,


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