Emergency Valentines Day Gift Guide

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's February 13th, one day before Valentines day.

Quick, do you know what you are giving your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend?

Yes, most WhiteCollarBJJ readers are married, so we know the importance of getting this day right, but it doesn't mean we actually get it right.

So, let's start off with the basics for my time starved readers.

1. Buy a card, preferably one that is actually addressed to your intended Recipient. Grandma Haz still talks about the "Happy Valentines to my favorite Aunt" card that she received from a well meaning family member who shall remain nameless.

2. Be smart with the flowers, if you know your wife/girlfriend loves flowers, more isn't always best. Trust me when I tell you that while she'll appreciate the dozen roses, you wallet won't and it won't get the effect your looking for. Instead look for something different, something more specific to her. Want a sneak peek at the Hazmat buying plan? Get an Orchid. Much like the afore mentioned "Spanish Inquisition", no one expects the Orchid.

Orchids, simple but effective.

3. Take a night off of training. Yes, I know, "but it's training!", that's the magic, showing how much you appreciate her by taking a night off will pay dividends.

Now, for those of you who don't mind dropping a hint, here's a few great gift ideas FOR the grapplers in your life (here's to hoping Mrs Hazmat reads this!)

1. Gift cards say more than flowers ever could. Quick, go to BudoVideos.com and get a gift card for your Valentine. Quite simply it says, "I love you and don't mind that you like to watch fight footage and instructionals, in fact, I encourage it!"


2. Are they Internet savvy? If you are reading this there's a good chance your significant other is an avid WhiteCollarBJJ reader, making them a very astute Internet user. This makes a premium account at GrapplersGuide.com a simple and fast gift that is sure to pay dividends later. Just don't be mad if they stay up late doing research!

3. Let them take in training on another night this week. Yes, I know they gave up training for you on Valentines day, which makes them smart and thoughtful, but you can return the favor by letting them train on a day normally reserved for family time. It's simple, but will be appreciated.

Well, there's precious time left, so send this to your significant other, and stop wasting time you've got a card to get!

Good Luck!