A Gift from Mrs. Hazmat

Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is really very cool.

Mrs. Hazmat is quite the gift giver, she takes her time coming up with a very well thought out gift, this time was no exception.

Imagine opening up the box expecting another starched shirt or silk tie, only to find this..

Yeah, that's right, Mrs. Hazmat had a special Nike Rash Guard custom made for "Hazmat" himself!

Once I saw the gift and tried it on I knew I had to check out the website, turns out NikeID is a slick little flash application that lets you build your perfect rash guard, along with shoes, gear bags, etc.

So what do you think? Pretty slick gift eh.


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Fighters Only Mag Editor said...

that is niiiicce

is the one sleeve in white as well?

hazmat said...

Thanks bro, loved your BJJ "wankers" post.

Also got "Skin Protection 101" coming up soon after reading your "He's gots the skin AIDS!" post.

Yeah, one sleeve is white, the other is black, the white sleeve says "Mind,Body,Faith" on it.

Mrs Hazmat is a keeper.