Brand New Day

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a quick note today guys, I had my post op appointment with the surgeon. True to form we talked Twisters and underhooks for a good bit of the "meeting", in the end he pronounced me well on the road to recovery.

In fact he even approved distance walking a week ahead of schedule!

So today I fired up the mp3 player and set out for a nice 30-45 minute walk along the bay.

The majority of the walk I was consumed with my mp3 lessons in spoken Mandarin, my work is taking me to China in December so I'm trying to improve my "survival chinese!", but after the lesson ended Sting's Brand New Day came up..

Very appropriate.

It's the starting of a Brand New Day!

8 days of healing complete, 2o more to go before I'm back to lifting, BJJ, and more.


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Steve said...

here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

hazmat said...

Wow! congratulations on your new addition Steve!

I'll be fine, just moving slow right now.