Week 3 in the books.. 1 more to go

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good stuff guys and girls, today starts my final week of "no substantial training".

Last week was a great milestone, I built up from long walks to 30-40 minutes per day of medium resistance Spin Bike training. After a hernia operation it take a little while for the lower core to start feeling up to "snuff" as it were, so being able to get a few 30-40 minute Spin Bike sessions with no before/during/after pain was the stuff of celebration.

So far the recovery plan is progressing nicely.

Phase 1 - Rest and no activity, Vitamin C, eat well, 1 nap per day (Week 1).

Phase 2 - Walking (20-30 miuntes), Vitamin C, eat well, 8 hours per night (Week 2).

Phase 3 - Walking + Spin Bike (Low to Moderate resistance), Vitamin C, eat well, 8 hours per night (Week 3).

Phase 4 - Walking + Spin Bike + Low resistance Stretching, Vitamin C, eat well, 8 hours per night (Week 4). (Planned)

Now, once we hit the "Return to Training" week I'm going to be scheduling a few private lessons with one of my instructors. This isn't so much to clear the rust (of which there will be plenty), it's more to control the intensity, if anything goes "south" while training I want to be rolling with a professional that will stop immediately.

Also, Weeks 5 & 6 will be bodyweight style training only, we'll gradually bring the intensity back up, but that should let me evaluate my body's response to resistance training on a day to day basis, and again if something goes south at least it won't be under load.

Oh yes, before I forget, all this time off has taught me a valuable lesson.

Short breaks (1 week) every 6/8/10 weeks of training is an excellent way to encourage growth and healthy muscles/joints/bones.

Thanks for listening guys.. 1 week left!

Recover Fast!