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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am the Phoenix

I am the Phoenix.

"A phoenix is a mythical bird with a tail of beautiful gold and red plumage (or purple and blue, by some sources [1]). It has a 600-800 year life-cycle, and near the end the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self."

-Source Wikipedia Phoenix (Mythology)

Ok, so I'm no phoenix, but I "rolled" for the first time in 6 weeks on Friday.

Wow, there was so much rust you could break it off with your hands.. but.. well, Good Lord it was good to be back.

Here's what I did (and I was clearly very happy with the outcome).

I called one of our instructors and set up a private lesson for Friday morning. Sure privates are more expensive, but here's my logic.

1. I still have small surgery scars on my abs, making certain passes/sweeps difficult, I wanted to roll/train with a professional that would have the utmost in control.

2. It's been a while, and anyone with a few years of experience know that when the "more experienced" guy is injured or recovering he can look just like chum to a gung ho newbie, a new ruptured hernia wall I DO NOT need.

3. I wanted to have fun and get up to speed on what I missed.

All in all, great session, no real rolling as I would describe it, but a few impromptu flows that were at perhaps 40% strength, bottom line it really felt great to move, turn, roll, and spin in a manner that 4 weeks ago I thought I'd NEVER be able to do again.

Does this mean I'm back to 100%? No, not hardly, it means that starting Monday I go through two weeks of conditioning and perhaps one "live fire" class where I act smart and say "no" when needed to maintain the continued recovery.

So, interested in my "return to conditioning" training for next week? I'll post some stills/videos or something to show what I'll be doing, everything comes from my good buddy JC Santana's materials, all of which you can find here.

Nice to be back, and even nicer to be able to share it with you guys.


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Brian said...

Welcome back Homey!!! Love the site!!

Matt said...

Hey Hazmat,
I'm a late 30s BJJ novice that stumbled on your site 6 months ago. Great stuff and I wish you the best in your recovery. I've been down that road a time or two as well.
Matt in Nor Cal

hazmat said...

Thanks guys, just wrapped up my first full week of strength training, need to post some photos or videos/links...

So far.. so good!