Grappler's Gift Guide

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ok all you last minute Holiday shoppers out there, here's a quick list of gift ideas for that BJJ/Submission grappling/MMA athlete in your life (in no particular order).

1. Clothes - If your athlete is rolling no Gi they'll need something to train in.To me the rash guard is to me the perfect MMA/BJJ shirt. Now sure you can go to the mall and get a grossly overpriced Underarmour shirt, but.. here at WhiteCollarBJJ I recommend a small web only mail order shop... WetEffect's rash guards are very impressive, easily strong enough to take the most aggressive of rollers, plus their prices are steller, $20.99 for a long sleeve rash guard? unheard of. Next, MMA shorts or Fight wear is grossly overpriced, however the guy over at Truth Fightwear puts out some of the highest quality lowest priced shorts on the market. Check them out, very simple, clean, and above all high quality.

2. Instructionals - I really don't know anyone 100% happy with their game, we are all looking for something to add, learn, evolve, and try out. So why not add another instructional to your athlete's shelf? It's hard to know which one they need though....answer... I recommend Great prices, amazing selection, any grappler would gladly accept a Gift card.

3. First Aid - Yes, I know, it's cheesy, but I personally go through athletic tape like water. I've got a buddy who gets Matburn better than any one I know (now that's something to be proud of!). I know another guy whose ears swell up like watermelons after a hard roll. So, when in doubt, most grapplers could use: Athletic Tape, New Skin, Ear Guards

4. Reading Material - So you are laid up with an injury? Stuck visiting in-laws over the holidays, no chance to train? It's late at night and you can't sleep? Time to get some reading material. Here's a few suggestions from my training shelf, basically anything from Victory Belt, those guys produce top quality BJJ/MMA/Submission Grappling material. Some of my favs...

Mastering the Rubber Guard, Mastering the Twister - Eddie Bravo - Like him or hate him, Eddie's got a very well put together game, enjoy the full glossy photos and laid back commentary.

Mixed Martial Arts: The book of Knowledge
- BJ Penn - Amazing photos, very clean, I could spend hours pouring over the material.

Any other ideas? Comment here and let your significant others know, there's still a week left.

Shop Smart!


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